Newbury Area Information

Newbury Area Information

A little interesting history….

The name Newbury dates back to around 1066 at a time when trade and commerce were increasing and many new towns were created. The Lord of the Manor divided his land into plots for building house and as there weren’t many shops at this time in Newbury he also started a market and this brought more people to settle in Newbury. 

This new settlement was called Burgh. Burgh is an old English word and originally it meant  a ‘fort’ or ‘fortified settlement’. Then it came to mean town. So, New Burgh became Newbury.
At the time of the first census in 1801 the population of Newbury was 4,725. The 2011 census shows the population of Newbury to be 40,000.

The railway came to Newbury in 1847.
Newbury gained its first newspaper in 1885.
Newbury gained a museum in 1948 and the first public library was opened in 1906, followed by a cinema in 1910.
1944 Newbury was bombed during the World War II. The worst was in February 1944, destroying 26 houses and killing 15 people.
For most of the 20th century Newbury was well known for engineering and in the later part of the century the traditional industries declined and were replaced by hi-tech industries such as Vodafone, Quantel, Bayer and Micro focus.
The much discussed and famous Newbury by pass was built in 1998.

Buses and Trains

Situated in the South of England Newbury has easy access to London, Oxford, Bristol, as well as the south coast.

The main bus service in Newbury is run by Newbury and District, linking Newbury to Basingstoke, Reading and surrounding areas.
Their website is: www.newburyanddistrict.co.uk or telephone no: 01635 33855

To travel further afield there are National Express buses. Website: www.nationarail.co.uk Telephone no: 08457 484950

There are Vodafone buses to and from Newbury Rail Station, the town centre and various other location to the Main Vodafone office and Newbury Business Park.
More information at: travel@vodafone.co.uk

Highclere Castle:
Just 15 mins by car and located south of Newbury. The castle is home to the Carnivore family who discovered the tomb of Tutankhamen in 1922.
It is also where the famous period drama Downtown Abbey was filmed. There are concerts and shows organised at Highclere Castle through out the year. 
Telephone no: 01635 253210

Donnington Castle:
Located on the edge of Newbury, the castle was built in the late 14th Century and offers great views.
Telephone no: 01635 40615